30 March 2017

Food Industry asked to cut sugar by 20%

Public Health England has published new guidelines today and have asked the food industry to cut sugar by 20% in a number of different products.

They would like to see food manufacturers cut sugar by 20% in 2020 and at least by 5% this year.

It has been announced that children are consuming as much as three times more sugar every day than they should, which could lead to weight gain, obesity and type 2 diabetes.

To help the food industry cut sugar from their products, we have developed a sugar replacement syrup made with our natural sweeteners.

Our sugar replacement contains 29g of sugar per 100g and is made with naturally occurring sugars from Carob, Chicory and Dates. 

We have created a product that could replace refined sugar syrup in foods like flapjacks and cereal bars.

By using this natural sweetener, a food manufacturer could replace sugar syrup and reduce sugar by over 50%.  

At Clarks, we understand that people still want to enjoy the sweet side of life, and we are committed to helping both consumers and food manufacturers reduce their sugar intake with natural sweetness. 

Are you a food manufacturer who would like to know more about natural ways to cut sugar? 

Contact info@clarks-uk.co.uk