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Natural sweetness is at the heart of Clarks. As part of our ‘sweeter side of life’ campaign to find out how ‘sweet’ the nation is, we’ve teamed up with psychologist Honey Langcaster-James, @HoneyLJames, to show the benefits of making sweet gestures. Check out her handy five step guide on how to incorporate sweet gestures into your day-to-day life!

The effect of making a sweet gesture

Honey says, “People tend to underestimate the effect that even small sweet gestures can have on others. It doesn’t take much to make a huge difference. Smiling warmly at a stranger in the street or striking up a brief conversation with a fellow passenger on the train doesn’t take a lot of effort but could make a big impact on that person’s day. A little sweetness from a stranger could lift their mood at a crucial time or put a spring in their step just when they need it. Who knows what they will go on to do in that day as a result of a little sweetness from you?”

Restoring faith

“We live in a world where our faith in each other is continually tested by the terrible things going on around us, that we can’t help but see in the media. So being sweet to one another helps to redress the balance in some small way and restores a little faith in humanity. If you do a good deed for another it helps to restore basic trust in people and their essential goodness.”

Benefits for you

“When it comes to acts of sweetness, both of you benefit. They benefit from the actual deed, and you benefit by feeling a boost to your self-esteem and self-value, and a gratifying feeling that you can have a positive impact on others. You will know that you are helping to create a world in which people are sweet to each other and that may even raise your confidence in humanity because then you can believe that you too can receive good deeds from others.”

“Liberating your sweeter side and expressing it through little gestures towards others can do you the world of good. What you give away you get back ten-fold because of the psychological benefits to yourself by being sweet to others. Being generous with your time, your affection and your spirit in general, helps you to remain in an abundance mindset. When we give things away we are reminded how much we have rather than focusing on what we lack, and it’s like this with acts of kindness or other ways of being sweet to one another.”

“Just imagine what the world would be like if we were all a little sweeter towards one another?”

Here’s Honey’s five step guide on how to be sweeter:

Use your P’s and Q’s.

Being polite is easy and yet in today’s society it’s importance is often underestimated. It doesn’t take a lot to remember to say please or thank you but those sweet words are very significant as they say “I value and appreciate you” whether it be in relation to someone’s time, effort or work.

Make it your goal each day to make someone smile.

If you aim to make everyone you meet throughout your day smile just a little, then you are really making a positive difference to the lives of others. People live stressful lives these days and if you’re sweet to them and they smile because of it, you may have given someone a gift far bigger than you realise. It might be the only time they’ve smiled that day.

Strike up a conversation with someone who’s on their own.

You could especially target the elderly or anyone who looks a little lost or alone in a coffee shop or other public place. Many elderly people live alone and being sweet to someone who really needs a little human contact could make a huge difference to them feeling a little less isolated.

Make a genuine connection with anyone who serves you and brighten their day with genuine gratitude.

Waiters, waitresses, cashiers and barmen often appear on auto-pilot because they have to be sweet to everyone. Offer a little sweetness back.

Be generous with hugs and physical affection.

The restorative and healing power of a hug, so long as it’s wanted of course, should not be underestimated. Hugging a friend during a down moment lets them know you are there for them and subconsciously helps to share the burden. But hugging a friend during their joy also reassures them that their delight is shared and their success will bring you closer and not push anyone away which some people fear, so hugs are sweet for all occasions! If in doubt, hug it out!


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