31 October 2016

Reduce your sugar intake with Clarks’ squeezable dessert sauces

At Clarks, we want to help consumers to continue to enjoy the sweeter side of life whilst reducing their sugar intake. We use natural sweeteners, such as carob and chicory root fibre, to help reduce the overall sugar content of popular treats. Our latest release is a range of dessert sauces which are the perfect topping for ice cream and other delicious desserts. Our sauces still celebrate the sweeter side of life but contain up to 45% less sugar than the leading brand and are high in fibre.

The new dessert sauces have three flavours called Totally Choccy, Dreamy Caramel and Sweet Strawberry, and they come in a squeezable bottle so that you can easily add it to your dessert. To reduce the amount of sugar, these dessert sauces are made from chicory root fibre and carob syrup.

Carob syrup is a sugar from the Mediterranean carob fruit and chicory fibre syrup is from the chicory root. Clarks chose these ingredients because they are known for their health benefits and offer a naturally sweet taste.

Clarks decided to introduce dessert sauces as we noticed that there was an increasingly large number of consumers who wanted sweet toppings but also wanted to cut down on their sugar intake.

“Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the consequences of excessive sugar consumption,” explained Bob Clark, founder and Managing Director at Clarks. “As a result, the market for white sugar has fallen by 21% and there is a growing interest in natural sugar substitutes.”

The dessert sauces are definitely a great way to explore natural alternatives to sugar and we are looking forward to hearing consumer feedback.

For inspiration on how to swap sugar for a natural sweetener, explore our recipe section as there are a variety of ways to enjoy our dessert sauces.