31 October 2016

Reports show that sales of traditional, natural sweeteners are growing

As a family run sweetener, syrup and dessert sauce business, Clarks is an advocate for swapping refined white sugar for traditional sweeteners. From recent reports it would appear that Clarks are not alone, as more and more people are choosing traditional sweeteners.

The awareness and interest in minimally processed food has undeniably increased and in turn that has meant sales of natural sweeteners have grown. This can be seen in data from Kantar and Nielsen, which was published earlier this year. They reported that the 2015-2016 sweetener market saw a fall in sales of white sugar by 21%, but honey was up by 8.9%, maple syrup had increased by 13.7% and agave syrup has risen by 19.10%.

These are fantastic figures and very encouraging for Clarks, as all of these traditional sweeteners can be found in our selection of syrups.

This report is also backed up by a new paper that has been prepared by Kings College London on behalf of Clarks. The Role of Sugars and Sweeteners in Food, Diet and Health: Alternatives for the Future illustrates that traditional sweeteners, like honey and agave, provide benefits that are not available in refined sugars and artificial sugars. For example, the report details how natural sweeteners commonly have a lower GI and contain more nutrients. This is because natural, traditional sweeteners are typically extracted from plant sources with minimal processing and refined sugar is highly processed. Natural sweeteners have also been consumed for generations and they’ve been championed by people all over the world.

Although in the past it was claimed that artificial sweeteners were better than refined sugar, recent research states that they are actually worse for you. Artificial sweeteners do not satisfy appetites in the same way as traditional sweeteners, so it can actually cause people to overeat.

In a recent statement, Bob Clark illustrated why Clarks thought it was important that this report was conducted.

“There is still a lot of conflicting information out there about sugars and sweeteners, so we wanted to commission a new paper exploring research about the difference between traditional, refined and artificial sweeteners,” explained Bob.

The results from this report mean that traditional sweeteners like honey, carob, maple and agave are a recommended alternative to refined sugar. At Clarks we have seen the market grow steadily for the past eight years and we are excited to see more consumers swapping sugar for traditional alternatives.

If you would like to be more naturally sweet, why not try a product from our range? All of our naturally sweet products can be found in most major retailers, including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Morrison’s.  For more information please visit our product page and recipe section for inspiration.