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For strawberries, ice cream, porridge and salmon, sponge cakes, pancakes, milkshakes and gammon, drizzle it, squeeze it, mix it or pour.

Clarks It! for sweet flavours they’ll simply adore.

Clarks are Master Syrupeers, we are experimenters, we mix, we discover and we create! 

Discover flavours that your home cooking deserves and the family will adore with Clarks maple syrup, honey and Carob Fruit Syrup range- the UK’s favourite brand.  Let us inspire you with everyday recipe ideas that make life taste better, educate you on Maple Syrup, Honey and Carob Fruit Syrup and show you where you can buy our range. We are always here to give you tips, answer questions and share your ideas via our Facebook and Twitter- so come a join us!

Find out how to make perfect pancakes!


Clarks Clear Honey





Great news! Clarks Clear Honey has been recognised & nominated for The Grocer New Product Development Award 2014, in the sweet grocery category with Lyles Golden Syrup & Ambrosia!